Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing

Our Fly Guide reservation system manages your business, and allows you to spend quality time with customers.

We provide a complete end to end management system so your customers, guides and you are all in sync. Once a trip is added to the system all parties are notified (via email or text messages) about trip times, meeting locations, number of people, etc.

The system tracks your business and your customers with a complete customer relationship management system. Guides can login and record trip information (river, entry, exit, csf, weather, trip notes and client notes). This information can be data mined to produce custom reports for BLM, Forest Service, Fish and Game, etc. The data can be used to produce custom emails to specific clients based on rivers fished, guide used, dates, fished, etc.

Bottom line: let us help you manage your business so you can focus on the customers.


  • Front End View
  • Admin Panel View
  • Price
  • Software as a Service
    Startup:   $500.00    Monthly:   $50.00
  • Note:   One time fee, unlimited use


  • trout unlimited
  • Casting for recovery

Admin Panel (Backend for Client)

  • Create Trip
    • Unlimited types of trips (full day float, 1/2 day wade public water, etc)
    • Set prices (for multiple # of people)
    • Set available dates, times, etc (auto-populates a calendar for the public)
    • Add a picture, description, etc
  • Set Guide Information
    • Set guide name
    • Email (we auto email them when assigned to a trip)
    • Cell # (We auto send text message the day of the trip or night before)
    • Set available dates on calendar (This will be used when assigning guides to a trip, if they are not available for a certain day, they can not be assigned)
  • Approve Pending Reservation
    • Pending reservations are made when customer books from the front end of the web site
    • You assign a guide
    • Handle money transactions (automatic with credit card integration or manual without credit card integration)
    • Make notes
    • Approve trip
      • This auto emails customer and guide
      • Adds the trip to the calendar
      • Adds trip to print list for that day
  • Calendar
    • Shows complete list of all trip by day on the calendar
    • Hover your mouse over the trip link, and we show detail information for trip (type of trip, client name, # of people, guide, etc)
    • Calendar showing guide availability on any day
  • Guide Calendar
    • Shows all guides on 1 page for any day
    • Shows each customer with his assigned guide
    • Allows for "drag and drop" re-assigning customer to a different guide
  • Print List
    • Print daily list of all trip for any day
  • Reports
    • See future income based on reservations
    • Display top trip types
    • Display top guides
    • Etc

Guide 1/2 Days/ Full Days

  • Guide 1/2 days can be set on guide calendar under Guide section.
  • If a guide is selected for morning or afternoon trip, they will be unavailable for that time slot only (the other slots (morning or afternoon) are still available)
  • In the Add / Edit Trip section, you select if the trip is a morning, afternoon or full day

Commission System

  • Set a rate for each guide
  • We can customize to meet your system (different rates for different guides, trips, etc)
  • We calculate commission for guides over any date range (weekly, 2 weeks, monthly, etc.)
  • Reports show detail of trip, customer name, # of people, total rate, and guide commission
  • Other special reports are available
Agent Section
  • There is an agent area in the ADMIN to setup agents (e.g., Wyndham, hotel, etc)
  • Agents then can login using EMAIL and PASSWORD assigned in the ADMIN
  • Agents can add a reservation for clients from Agent Admin
    • Add a reservation only (no edit capability)
    • Can not select a guide
    • Can be set to recieve payment or just reserve
    • We get all customer information
  • ADMIN is sent a text message and an email for all added reservations by agent

Guide Daily Calendar

  • Calendar lets admin select any day (We show week) from the calendar
  • The guide names are displayed on left and days of week across the top
  • All trips (by customer name) are displayed in calendar by guide
  • Trips (customers) can be "dragged and dropped" from one guide to another

Location, Time and Google Map

  • When assigning a trip, you can select a location to meet and a time (so you can stagger customer arrivals)
  • Each location allows you to add a Google Maps link so you can confidently meet customers in remote areas
  • The time, location and map link are included in email to customer

Guide Login after Trip

  • Guide login is guide EMAIL and PASSWORD set in Guide section
  • Guide can login after a customer trip and add the following Information:
    • River Fished (Selected from drop down menu (Rivers added in Admin))
    • Entry Location (This is text field the guide uses to enter start location)
    • Exit Location (Same as above)
    • CSF (Flow)
    • Weather
    • General Notes (Guide can enter specific notes about the trip (i.e. water conditions, fish caught, etc.)
    • Guide Notes (Private notes for guide about customer (i.e. special request, tips, etc)
    • The above fields can later be used to print custom reports (PDF format) that can be used for Forest Service Reports, BLM Reports, etc)

Front End (Customer View)

  • Select and book a trip
    • Select type of trip
    • Select date from availability list
    • Book trip
    • Have choice to add additional (multiple trip) at time of booking
    • Auto email confirmation upon approval