Ski & Snowboard Rental

Ski & Snowboard Rental

Time to move from just a rental form to a rental system.

Our system is a "best of breed" product for Ski & Snowboard rental shops. Of course we have an easy-to-use rental form for your customer to make online reservations, but we go deeper, a lot deeper. We allow customers to reserve inside your shop from a computer (kiosk in shop), a tablet or any smart phone. The reservations are queued up in a pending folder and allow your techs to bring up the reservation at their stations. The techs can add their notes (setting details, etc) and move the customer to checkout counter. At checkout, staff can confirm all data and print a custom form (your logo and liability statement in the exact format you want).

Almost a paperless experience, that improves customer flow and speed of checkout.

See our new KIOSK (in shop) checkout system. 

Our Paperless Waiver system is awesome


  • Front End View
  • Admin Panel View
  • Price
  • Software as a Service
    Startup:   $250.00    Monthly:   $50.00
  • Note:   Advance system (bar code, paperless waivers, etc.) startup fee is $500.00


Ski Rental System

  • Web based system installed on your server
  • Complete control to update the system from admin panel
    • Add categories (ski packages, snow board packages, etc)
    • Add products (e.g., demo ski package, performance package, jr. ski package), prices, etc
      • Add pictures and detailed description that show customer pictures and brand name samples
      • Optional inventory control
  • Add / edit text for all pages the customer sees (welcome page, thank you page, etc)
  • Add on products (helmets, upgrades, etc) offered at checkout
  • Auto email to customer and your shop upon completion
  • Reservations stored in database with easy customer look up
  • Sales reporting: sales per day (bar graph) and sales by package pie chart)

Paperless Work Flow

  • Customers can make a reservation on any computer (Kiosk in shop) tablet or their smart phone
  • Reservations are queued in a "pending"folder
  • Techs pull up customer reservations and make ther updates (settings, notes, etc)
  • Checkout staff can print custom form (for customer signature) with your logo, liability statement, etc.

Book Me

  • Embedded in ski rental admin
  • Setup multiple host companies (Hotels, lodges, VRBO rentals, etc)
    • Each host has a unique Book Me button and Book Me link tracking code
  • Customers sent from host, are tracked through the reservation process
    • We track links, sales, conversion rates, etc
  • We produce detailed commission reports for each host over any date range
  • 1 touch printing of commission report
  • Drill down on individual sales
  • Graphs showing sales by host (pie chart)


  • Customer-friendly form that is easy to use (best in the industry)
  • Let the customer make reservations at the same time they book their trip
  • Improve sales
  • Track partner sales and gain market share