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Ski Tune

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  • Easy to use customer interface to add customers, equipment and schedule work.
  • Setp your staff and tune task in a few minutes 
  • Start tracking your shop activity easily with our "view all" screen that runs from any touch screen device (Computer, Tablet, etc.)
  • Automated customer notification via email & text messages
  • Paperless waivers to get you out of the paper storage business.
  • Low cost fee to startup makes it easy

Want to bring your Ski Tune business into the digital age with a platform that simplifies the process, look no farther then Rezosystems "Ski Tune" system.

Easy to setup and even easier for your customers and staff to use. Customers can setup their profile, add a quiver of skis and snowboards, and book a service task from home or in the shop. Your staff can pull up all service task, select an job and start working. They can add notes, add services and complete the work, once completed, the customer receives an automated text message ("Your ski tune is done, stop on by the shop to pick them up"). At he shop they sign a the appropriate waiver and check out.

We track all the activity (Customers, equipment, staff, etc.) and give you useful reports. Want to increase tunes? We can automatically send emails reminding the customer they need a tune (You last full tune was 30 days ago, bring those DPS Wailers in for a full tune and we will take 15% off the $75 price").

A little Technology can help your small business improve their Tuning business.




Software as a Service

Startup: $500.00

Monthly: $50.00