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Jeep Rental / ATV

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Our system takes the headaches out of managing your business.

You have control over all aspects of the business:

  • Control Model Types

  • Manage inventory for each type
  • Set rates, taxes, insurance, add-on products, etc.

  • Automated emails (and text messages) to customers and your staff

  • Online payments direct to your merchant account

  • Manage maintenance records for accurate inventory and tracking

  • Run reports for sales tax, insurance, sales, etc.

  • Auto populate Drivers License data, credit card swipe, etc. for faster customer check in

Make renting your Jeeps and ATVs easy for the customer to rent and easy for you to manage. Our system manages all the inventory, pricing, tax, insurance, maintenance records, payments and gives you options for direct communication with your customers.



Software as a Service

Startup: $500.00

Monthly: $50.00